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These young women are fantastic. I don’t know what we’d do without them, honestly. Our family depends on them to keep the trains running on time (and the wheels on the entire train). I almost hesitate to tell you about them ’cause I don’t want you to know about our secret weapon, which is the Bluebelle team! Can’t recommend them highly enough.
Chris B., Cupertino
They communicate brilliantly, essential in my opinion for a great working relationship. They listen (yes, really listen), understand the task, then efficiently (yes, efficiently) complete the project. Bluebell Concierge was recommended to me by a long-time satisfied client. I am now an enthusiastic fan as well!
Ann M., Redwood City
They are always extremely pleasant, efficient, and meticulous in what they do. They are able to follow directions to the letter. They are very thorough, with follow up calls for feedback, making sure the services they provided were satisfactory. Every time, the service was professional and well done. I highly recommend these women and their wonderful service.
Roxann S., Hillsborough
Bluebelle has been a valuable addition to our lives. They have been continually available to make our lives easier and more fun. Whenever a household problem arises all we need to do is call Bluebelle and they have quickly come up with a solution, from having our carpets cleaned to solving our computer problems. They call us weekly with suggestions that have expanded our social lives. They have been professional and responsible and we have enjoyed and benefited from their positive attitude. We recommend them to anyone who is searching for a fuller and more pleasant life.
Joe K., Hillsborough
The ladies at Bluebelle are warm, professional, reliable and responsible. They are always punctual and show a huge sense of professionalism, caring and warmth in handling their responsibilities and I feel perfectly safe with them having a key to my home. I never worry at all, knowing that everything is handled safely and professionally. I would recommend Bluebelle and will continue to call on them should the need arise.
Louisa L., Burlingame
The ladies at Bluebelle Concierge are pleasant, personable, and delightful to be around. They are extremely responsible and responsive. They are warm and caring, and their positive energy is infectious. I feel certain that they can meet any challenge that comes their way.
Arlene R., Hillsborough
I sought help in managing a complex post-divorce lifestyle. Bluebelle helped me navigate through matters as mundane as shopping and household organization, to making sense of my financial record keeping. I am happily settled into a new life now and looking to Bluebelle Concierge for help negotiating a growing business and bi-coastal lifestyle. This is not just a service it is a blessing.
Maria M., New York City
Step 1: Forward that nagging TO DO LIST on to the staff at Bluebelle
Step 2: Watch the items get checked off, painlessly.
Step 3: Relief
I have been working with Bluebelle for almost a year and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have helped us manage our household through a tumultuous period and we are all still smiling. They can take on anything–from that overcrowded garage heap to getting that business idea researched. Throw any problem at them– no matter how mundane or complicated or personal– and they will quickly come to you with a solution. Polite, professional efficiency at its BEST
MK B., Pacifica
Bluebelle is amazing. I trust them as members of our extended team and recommend them with the most possible praise. They do things efficiently and effectively. We’ve had a series of tasks that defy obvious categorization, and Bluebelle time and time again has come to our aid. They are excellent communicators, project managers and delegators. I trust Bluebelle with tasks that are important to my employees and my business and they have only impressed me. We keep hiring Bluebelle to take on more for us because they keep impressing us. The ROI we’ve had using them has been undeniable.
Matthew C., San Francisco
Bluebelle is awesome. I received some free hours as a sign-on bonus from my new company (very sweet perk if you ever need to give one), and they helped us immeasurably with a move from SF to the peninsula. They arranged movers at a really good price, and of course because they have a long-term relationship with the company, they get great service from them. They personally helped me unpack boxes, load bookshelves and closets, and generally organize things, enabling us to get fully moved in to our new place, all boxes unpacked (seriously) before my daughter even got home from daycare. Miracle! They also sold a ton of stuff we didn’t want anymore on craigslist or other sources, and helped manage donations. They received furniture deliveries, waited for AT&T to show up, made copies of house keys, and other miscellaneous stuff. There is a chance we would have survived the move week without them, but we’d have been a lot more stressed out and our new house would *still* be in boxes.They’ve been so great that we now have them managing a minor home repair for a rental property that we own but barely have time to manage. You don’t yet know how much you need Bluebelle, but you do. If you have a busy or stressful time in your personal life, get the help. These guys are taskrabbits on steroids, and incredibly professional and trustworthy.
Colby H, Mountain View
Our startup has been working with Bluebelle for over a year. They are an absolutely invaluable resource to our business. They’re one of those unique and almost impossible-to-find resources where you can offload a project and have confidence that they’ll manage everything needed to get it done and get it done really well. They have taken on a wide variety of projects, from managing an office move to planning holiday parties. We’re very picky, and their service model is a hard one to get right, but they’ve nailed it. I’ve seen other individuals and groups that offer similar services, but Bluebelle, and the value they bring, is unquestionably in a different league.
Miles R., Sunnyvale
My company is opening up an office in San Francisco and to keep our employees focused on their jobs we have been working with Bluebelle to take on any and all overhead tasks. I don’t know how we would survive without them. They take on anything we throw at them, from construction management to IKEA runs to employee relocation assistance. They helped two of our employees find a home in less than a week. If they don’t have the expertise to complete a task themselves they will know who to call.
Dylan G., San Francisco
Bluebelle Concierge helped my husband and I move from Russian Hill to the Mission in SF. They made what is normally a stressful process easy and painless, and were professional and thorough. I would highly recommend them.
Amber S., San Francisco
I had the pleasure of working with Bluebelle while the start-up I work for was transitioning to a new location. They managed to juggle a number of important details ranging from building maintenance, tv/internet connectivity, janitorial services, organizing, decorating, etc. Rachel is a great project manager and always responded/adjusted quickly to changing needs, and did it all with a fresh, positive attitude and smile. I highly recommend utilizing Bluebelle Concierge for any project you could use some help with!
Angie M., Sunnyvale