Bluebelle Move-in Services offer a seamless and stress-free way to get settled into your new home with ease. We provide you with a Project Manager and team of professionals to carry out everything from moving and unpacking boxes to finding service providers to putting the welcome mat outside the front door.

  • Move management & coordination
  • Unpacking & organization
  • Rental/purchase assistance with real estate partners
  • Utility set-up
  • Errand running
  • Professional service provider referrals & management
  • Home goods shopping & delivery
  • Grocery shopping
  • Moving box and trash removal
  • Donations coordination & delivery
  • Personal shopping
  • Kitchen outfitting
  • Fresh meal delivery
  • Local services & activity research
  • Social planning & dining recommendations

Bluebelle in Action

A family of four was moving into a new home in the Bay Area from overseas and reached out to Bluebelle to have their empty home ready for them as quickly as possible. Bluebelle met with the family on Friday and by Monday, a previously empty house was fully furnished from A-Z, including a completely stocked kitchen, furniture, toiletries, bedding, personal items, and all of their children's favorite toys. Their utilities were set up and all service providers were scheduled for ongoing cleaning, gardening, and general home maintenance. Bluebelle was able to accomplish in two days what might have taken them weeks or even months, and they were able to enjoy the stress free experience of being in their new home.

My company is opening up an office in San Francisco and to keep our employees focused on their jobs we have been working with Bluebelle to take on any and all overhead tasks. I don’t know how we would survive without them. They take on anything we throw at them, from construction management to IKEA runs to employee relocation assistance. They helped two of our employees find a home in less than a week. If they don’t have the expertise to complete a task themselves they will know who to call.
Dylan G., San Francisco
Bluebelle Concierge helped my husband and I move from Russian Hill to the Mission in SF. They made what is normally a stressful process easy and painless, and were professional and thorough. I would highly recommend them.
Amber S., San Francisco
I had the pleasure of working with Bluebelle while the start-up I work for was transitioning to a new location. They managed to juggle a number of important details ranging from building maintenance, tv/internet connectivity, janitorial services, organizing, decorating, etc. Rachel is a great project manager and always responded/adjusted quickly to changing needs, and did it all with a fresh, positive attitude and smile. I highly recommend utilizing Bluebelle Concierge for any project you could use some help with!
Angie M., Sunnyvale