At Bluebelle, we love helping our clients move–whether they are moving to the Bay Area from another state or country or just moving within the Bay Area, we’re consistently succeeding in making the move experience less overwhelming by managing all of the details and logistics. That way,  our clients can focus on the bigger picture and we can sweat the small stuff.  Together, the Bluebelle team has put together a timeline and list of best practices that will make your moving experience less stressful and more seamless. Optimizing your time before move day is critical. We encourage you to get organized and invest your time up front to get the logistics of your move in order. Best of luck!

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6-8 Weeks Prior:

  • Research reputable moving companies, get written quotes (ideally from an in-home visit)  and choose the best company for your personal move
    • Some companies will charge by the mover per hour and others will offer a not-to-exceed rate–decide which option works best for you
    • Consider enlisting movers to help you pack your fragile and high-stress areas (i.e. kitchen, china cabinet, etc.) Professional packing goes a long way on fragile items and can be worth the expense.
  • Create a dedicated Move Notebook or binder for all moving receipts and expense tracking for tax purposes
  • Research schools if you’re moving to a new district, and ensure that all paperwork is completed and taken care of. Your realtor may also be able to help you with this research.

4-6 Weeks Prior:

  • Notify the post office of address change
  • Make a list of all personal and home service providers that need to be notified of your move
    • Utilities (electric, water, cable, etc)
    • Bank
    • Medical Facilities (doctor, dentist, pharmacy,etc)
    • All Insurance (auto, life, home owners/renters, etc)
    • Government Offices (IRS, Social Security, DMV, etc)
    • Publications (newspapers, magazines, etc)
  • Get measurements of your new home to plan out furniture fitting, etc. and avoid packing and moving large items that will not fit in your new home
  • Donate items that you will not be bringing with you to minimize clutter and unwanted items and make sure to get donation slip for tax purposes! Organizations like the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Goodwill offer free curbside pick-up of items in some cities.
  • Return anything in your home that might be borrowed to make room for what you will be taking to your new home (from library books to a neighbors cake plate ;) )
  • Order Moving Supplies online or from a local storage shop and if you’re in the Bay Area, consider using ZippGo Green Moving Boxes to reduce your environmental impact

2-4 Weeks Prior:

  • Start packing!
    • Label your boxes with a number and it’s contents
    • Consider making your own labels or purchase labels that clearly mark what each box contains (fragile and “this side up” labels are great and stand out compared to these words written directly on a box)
  • Take an inventory of everything you pack in your Move Notebook so that you can track and find items, if necessary
  • Set-up utility appointments at the new house, to make sure you have power and electricity on the move-in day.
  • Schedule the day for utilities at current home to be disconnected
  • Make sure to get any parking permits, if required at your pick up or drop off location (this is a must in San Francisco!)

1-2 Weeks Prior:

  • Use up all that frozen food, consider donating canned goods if not taking along in the move
  • Separate out any final items you do not want moved by moving company and find a new home for them if you haven’t already
  • Confirm the details of the move with the moving company, date and time of arrival
  • Have your car serviced before making the trip, if you are driving a long distance to your new home

Days Prior:

  • Double check all cupboards, closets, drawers, sheds etc for anything left unpacked
  • Pack a suitcase of all daily necessities, such as toiletries, prescriptions, etc. for use before the move and when you arrive in your new home
  • Check that all packed boxes are labeled properly with room and if fragile or have special instructions

Day of Move: Loading the Truck 

  • Be on hand and ready to manage your move when the movers show up
    • Verify that the crew are the movers you hired, and your estimate and details have not changed
    • Identify the move leader and do a full walkthrough of your home with the entire team, giving an overview and any special instruction
    • Be available during the move so that you can make sure that everything is going as planned, and you are there to answer questions
    • Make sure that the movers have all information for the new home as well as contact info for you or anyone else if they need something that day
  • Have cold bottled water for you and moving team throughout the day
  • Do a walkthrough of your home and take an inventory before the movers leave, making sure everything is in place!

Day of Move: Unloading the truck at your New House

  • Do a full walkthrough of your home with the entire team, giving an overview and any special instruction, pointing out each room
  • Make sure that the movers put each box and piece of furniture in the correct place–take advantage of having the muscle while they are there!
  • Do a final walkthrough of the new home before signing the bill (of course, be sure to keep a copy)
  • Have cash on hand to tip the movers if you are happy with their service!

Enjoy your new home and get unpacked and organized within days not weeks so you can feel settled in as soon as possible! If you are overwhelmed with unpacking your boxes, consider hiring the Bluebelle team to get you unpacked quickly and with care.  Stay tuned for more moving tips from Bluebelle!

Michelle and the Bluebelle Team