Bluebelle Concierge is dedicated to supporting our community and strongly believes in the impact of education for creating a better and brighter tomorrow. Bluebelle Concierge gives 1% of all profits to a local nonprofit organization making positive strides in education and supports the organization’s local programs and initiatives throughout the year. In addition, Bluebelle promotes a culture of giving back and leverages it’s team’s passion for making an impact by inviting employees to volunteer with the organization. Please join us in supporting our impact partners!

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Though entrepreneurship-based, experiential learning, BUILD ignites the potential of youth from under-resourced communities and equips them for high school, college, and career success. By helping students develop and run their own small businesses, BUILD supplements traditional school with real-world business experiences and critical skill-building for the future. Entrepreneurship is the hook, but college is the goal. BUILD students develop their own business ideas, write business plans, pitch to funders and launch real businesses. As they reap the rewards—from keeping their profits to gaining self-confidence—they clearly see the connection between the classroom and career success. Students also receive individualized academic support and college planning support. Since its founding in 1999, 97% of BUILD’s seniors have graduated from high school and 94% have been accepted into college. Please visit BUILD’s website to learn more about how you can help:



Spark is a network of young professionals who invest social capital—small grants, pro bono professional services, and connections—in grassroots women’s organizations serving low-income communities around the world. Spark’s mission is to cultivate the next generation of philanthropic leaders committed to women’s causes. Through Spark’s signature engagement model, the organization trains a pipeline of young leaders to understand the issues that impact women around the world and know how to exert their influence to change patterns of inequality. In just eight years, Spark has grown from 6 to 10,000 members around the world and pooled  resources to make over $1,500,000 in grants and pro-bono services to 136 grassroots women’s organizations globally. Please visit Spark’s website to learn more about  how you can help:



Project Glimmer is a Bay Area non-profit that provides holiday gifts to at-risk teenage girls and women. They give a little glimmer to those who are often forgotten during the holiday season, letting them know that their community cares. Since the organization’s founding in 2010, Project Glimmer has given over 15,000 gifts to 1000’s of at-risk women and girls, and they hope to double the number of gifts in 2013. While the gifts are small, they have a huge impact on the spirits of the recipients. They could not do this without the help of the community, please visit their website to find out how you can help:

Alliance For Girls


The mission of Alliance for Girls is to give every Bay Area girl the tools she needs to thrive. As a membership association, Alliance for Girls coordinates and strengthens leaders and organizations’ efforts to support girls by providing an online and offline platform for communication, collaboration and advocacy. Girls need effective programs and strong advocates to help them overcome societal barriers and build brighter futures. Today, women hold 14% of executive positions, 16% of board seats and 17% of congressional seats. If the champions of today’s girls work together, we can ensure that tomorrow’s women will not only be equally represented in positions of leadership, they will change the world. To join this effort or learn more about their work please visit

Women in Executive Positions 14
Women in Board Seats 16
Women in Congressional Seats 17

Tutorpedia FoundationThe mission of the Tutorpedia Foundation is to provide a Class of One- high quality, personalized tutoring – to underserved students. The Tutorpedia Foundation believes that one-on-one tutoring is the most effective means to achieve student success. The benefits of individual educational relationships provided by one-on-one tutoring should be available to everyone, regardless of income. One-on-one tutoring can help close achievement gaps, graduate more students from high school, and prepare more students for post-secondary education. To learn more about the programs and how to get involved, visit