We believe that people should live happier and better lives, and have seen that this is possible when they delegate life’s projects.

So often, people get home from work, and are immediately caught up in the endless web of appointments, projects, errands, responsibilities, and commitments that oftentimes take a front seat to family, friends, and personal interests. We created Bluebelle in 2010 to help make people more present in their lives.

We are confident that our personalized and high-level approach brings peace of mind to our clients, because they can trust that their personal matters are in highly competent hands. We are happy to say that when our clients enlist Bluebelle, they can spend more time pursuing their passions and prioritizing family, friends, and personal interests -this is something we are very proud of.

We hope that we can bring Bluebelle into your life so that you can come home knowing that your projects are being taken care of and you can focus on what counts.

Rache Shamash and Laura Khan

We give people the opportunity to be more present as partners, parents, peers and professionals so they can live better and more fulfilling lives.

  • We strongly value our driven and passionate team.
  • We care about making a difference in our clients’ lives.
  • We are dedicated to contributing to a thriving community.
Trust: The benchmark of our being. Our clients trust us to handle their personal affairs and we respect this. In order to uphold this core value, we are thoughtful and rigorous with our team recruitment.

Impact: At Bluebelle, we believe that people have the power to make an impact. Whether it’s an impact at home or at work, we’re here to help you do what matters. Our company and clients have clear goals and we make sure that we do everything to achieve them. We’re all about making a difference in our clients’ lives and in our community.

Knowledge: We are proud to be a professional team of project managers and life organizers, and value our internal and external team’s deep knowledge and problem solving abilities.

We stand behind our philosophy on service, and hold ourselves accountable to every project being done exceptionally well. We promise our clients that we will deliver results with the highest standards.

  • Personalization
  • Exceptional quality service in every circumstance
  • Professionalism in every task
  • Collaboration with community and partners
  • Intellectual Creativity